A Specialised Program

The centre operates with a great deal of flexibility encouraging child-initiated play and learning. We also acknowledge the importance of a simple routine for children and understand that they feel secure when they know what is coming next.

The centre provides a specialised toddler room that caters for only 5 children in a nurturing environment. We also have a preschool room which provides a wide range of planned activities and a transition to school program.

Educational Program

The centre’s program is based on observing children, evaluating their interests, strengths and needs and planning activities to further

develop, challenge and strengthen their skills.

All play provisions are age appropriate and are carefully planned to suit the developmental needs and interests of the children. We believe children learn through play in a stimulating environment wi

the caring teachers.

The program provides a learning environment that encourages children to discover, create, imagine, construct and initiate. An opportunity to develop self help skills, interpersonal skills, problem solving, build self-confidence and esteem are encouraged.

We provide a balance of indoor and outdoor, active and passive, individual, small and large group activities that include experiences across the curriculum field such as language, literacy, creative expression, gardening, bush walks, construction, science, maths, drama, music and movement.

The Early Years Learning Framework forms the foundation for the program and teaching practices.

Our trained, experienced staff are knowledgeable about early childhood theories and perspective that best support children’s learning and continually enrich their understandings through resource books and professional development training. The program is displayed on our notice board.

Feel free to chat to staff for more information about any of the planned experiences. Significant experiences of each day are seen through photos displayed on the laptop which is on the sign in desk each afternoon.

Centre Timetable


Centre opens, indoor free play


Progressive Morning tea
(Aimed to meet the individual needs of the children and ease the morning transition)


Group time on the mat

Sun safe routine

Outdoor/ Indoor planned activities and experiences


Group morning tea


Morning outside/ indoor activities


Group time on the deck, small group experiences – language, literacy, music


Inside/ outdoor planned experiences / Free play

Toddlers go into their room


Toddler and 3 year old children’s lunch


4-5 year old lunch time


Toddler and 3 year old rest time


Preschool quiet time and transition to school group


Outdoor play – Group games, craft activities and free play


Outdoor play and Pack away


Afternoon tea and group games


Indoor quiet activities


Centre closes