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Transition to School Program

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Qualified Early Childhood Teachers and educators run daily transition to school sessions. We have a close liaison with local schools to ensure your child’s transition is as smooth as possible.

To support children and their families with the transition from preschool to school.

We honour the importance of connections between preschool and school during the transition process.

It is especially important for younger children that new experiences are built on what is familiar. When a child makes the transition from preschool to school, there are points of opportunity and vulnerability for their families as well.  The centre aims to support the child and family with this transition in ways that empower the child and family, benefits the child’s learning and overall sense of wellbeing. Our goals are:

  • Play based
  • Phonological awarenss
  • language/listening communication ,vocabulary
  • Symbols and exploration
  • Inquiry base learning and problem solving
  • fine motor skills
  • emotional readiness
  •  concentration


  • The centre shares information with the school by providing families with the transition to school statement at the end of the year and the child’s learning journal.
  • The Director liaises with School Principals or Teachers yearly to nurture a relationship and in anything related to school transition.
  • The centre will provide a school information evening in the middle of the year and invite guest speakers.
  • Educators will offer Family Meetings in June and September for children attending school the following year. This will allow the Director/educators to share with families any information collected from the educators in relation to each child’s development, progress and school readiness issues. It also provides a platform for families to express any concerns or ask any questions. This meeting will provide a formal opportunity to offer resources, Parent Library books and to make referrals to other networks if necessary.
  • The centre will liaise with local schools and notify families of open days and orientation dates for local schools.
  • The centre will provide focus group times from mid February daily led by an Early Childhood Teacher based on a yearly program and the
    children’s needs and interests. The learning experiences will be shared on Storypark in the weekly Plan and stories.
  • The educational leader develops goals for the year to be incorporated into the transition to school program.
  • Educators will complete Transition to School Digital Statements in term 4 for children going to school the following year.


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Linda Watson, our Education leader and Assistant Director had an article published in the National Every Child Journal:

The program provides a learning environment that encourages children to discover, create, imagine, construct and initiate. 

Nature Pedagogy is the practice of teaching and learning with and in nature, it is an understanding of our sense of belonging to the land, our senses or working with nature. 

It is especially important for younger children that new experiences are built on what is familiar. When a child makes the transition from preschool to school,

She aims to provide quality creative learning experiences that fit in with the Early Years Learning Framework. She provides a space where your child feels welcome and included,

  • Music and Movement
  • Fundamental movement
  • STEM
  • Sustainability & Excursions

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 8am – 4.30pm
Sat & Sun: Closed